Jax in the Box - literally

Eight days until the launch of Jax in the Box. I’ve had lots of ideas in the past … “O’ I should do this” … “Someone should really” … And this time I did it.

I’m an educated mom who loves to shop for super-cool kid gear. But I don’t like to pay full-price – ever. Now, I don’t want to oversell myself. I’m not frugal (although I aspire to be). I just want to get a good deal because most of the things I love aren’t cheap.

Five years ago, I still lived in Dallas – where the deals were everywhere and consignment stores were around every corner. Then I moved back to Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin. I grew up here and most of my family is still here. I love the smaller towns and family values. I love the seasons (count them – 4!). But, I miss the shopping options I had in North Texas. And now that I have even more kids – three boys – I need to make sure I am a wise steward of the provisions we’ve been blessed with. As I shopped for baby gear after having my third son 15 mos. ago (because we gave away all our stuff from our 8-yr. old twins) I found myself wishing I had an online resale option – a place were I could shop, any time of day, for great deals on quality used items. I have one resale shop within resonable driving distance – and it’s jam-packed with junk. Granted gems can be found here and there, but you have to throw them in your washer and take a toothbrush to them to get ’em clean. Not my idea of a successful shopping day. The next best children’s resale shop is a 45-minute drive.

So, from these experiences, Jax in the Box was born. Jax is my youngest son – he’s the cutie in the box above and the baby who inspired us to open our store.  I did a bit of market research (thanks to everyone who answered my surveys!), and discovered that lots of you wanted an online resale venue too. Our goal is to stock our store with the stuff we love. Smart, fun, educational toys (I have a Ph.D. and pretend to use it while shopping for kids’ toys). Clever, time and space-saving gear. Safe, intuitive feeding and safety items. And cloth diapers. Yes, I know you have a growing number of used fluff options out there, but at Jax in the Box you can throw a couple of used diapers in your cart along with lots more kid-centered steals.

I also wanted a place for you to off-load the stuff your kids have outgrown. We’ll buy your high-quality gear with lots of life left and offer it to other families. Sometimes parting with the stuff our kids have outgrown is hard. It’s not so much that we don’t want to rid our attics, playrooms and garages of the excess plastic … but it’s the emotional aspect of saying goodbye to that chapter of our kids’ lives. And it usually means we’ve decided we are done having babies – that can be emotional too. I hope that seeing your items listed for sale at and knowing they are going to families whose kids will love them just as much as yours did makes it a little bit easier. It’s the best kind of recycling.