Ready, Set, Go!

Jax was pulling up and prepping to walk

Jax was pulling up and prepping to walk

And we’re off. is live and ready for you. Now maybe I’ll clean my house, and make dinners and do laundry … maybe.

It was seven months ago when the idea of an online resale store hit me. Jax was about seven months old and pulling up on furniture. I wanted an activity table for him, but our Leapfrog was 8-years old and missing parts. From experience with my twins, I knew that Jax wouldn’t use it long enough to warrant paying full price for new, so my quest for one with “previous experience” began.

I considered going to my local brick-and-mortar kids’ resale shop, but nightmares of browsing there for an exersaucer several month back haunted me. Yep, they had an exersaucer alright – circa 1999 and with enough dust piled on its tray that I wondered what color it actually was. No, I wouldn’t waste my time there. So, I searched Craigslist. Yep, several there. After emailing about 10 listings, only to discover half were already sold, and two more where a 1.5 hours drive … I was getting discouraged. I then went back and forth with the owner of a Baby Einstein, only to have her drop off the face of the Earth right when we were going to solidify a meeting place. Next, I considered driving 45 minutes to the next closest brick-and-mortar, but thought how awesome it would be if I could just look online to see if they had what I wanted before making the trek. Seeing as that wasn’t an option, my Plan B was to call and ask what they had in stock. I had an impossible time painting a picture in my mind of the play table the sales clerk was describing. Forget it.

I imagined that lots of parents have similar experiences, so I went on SurveyMonkey to find out. I created a short survey (good thing I paid all that money for a Ph.D. – at least I know how to write survey questions and crunch data), sent it out to a sample of moms, and found that lots of you wanted an online, gently-used shopping venue too. One that was easier to use than Craigslist or Ebay, and where you could browse any time of day or night. And Jax in the Box was born.

I’ve spent the last 3.5 months building and stocking the store. While there are so many things I want to do with it (and will over time)  … I think we are ready to share it with you. I hope you love it. Our goal is to stock a balance of unique, creative gear that you can’t find just anywhere with the everyday items available at most stores (Target, etc.) – all at great prices. Like, maybe you’ve always wanted to try a Moby Wrap, but couldn’t afford one new (or weren’t sure you wanted to fork out the cash if you didn’t like it) – well, we have one at an incredible price. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to try out cloth diapers, but $25 a pop made you gun-shy. We’ve got some of the most-loved brands at incredible prices. But be warned … we usually just have one, two if you’re lucky, of any item at a time. So act fast or you might miss it.

So browse around. And tell us what you love, what you think could be better and what you’d like to see us stock in our store. We love hunting for great gear, and we’ll try to find the items you want. Because, while playing “Fire Chief”  for two hours in a row can be fun (okay, maybe an overstatement), we think it’s more fun if it’s with a Green Toys Fire Engine in excellent shape that you got for a steal at our store. Maybe then you’ll have enough change in your pocket for a latte. Fire Chief is always better with a latte.


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