Why I Cloth Diaper

20131019-220844.jpgCloth diaper, like Google, is a verb. Cloth diapering is a philosophy, a value and even has its own online cult-like community. But I don’t cloth diaper for those reasons. I do it because it’s surprisingly easy, saves me loads of money and is healthier for my boys.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of cloth diapering, but too overwhelmed by the thought of dirty diaper laundry, (more…)


This Mom’s Promise to Your Daughter

A mom's promise

I’m a mom of three boys, 8-year old twins and 23-month old Jax. I’m a conscientious parent. I research issues before making important parenting decisions; I buy organic; I cook from scratch. When praising my boys I comment on their effort and not their intellect. I choose my words carefully because I know that words matter and that kids can decipher the meaning behind the verbiage. But not until recently have I considered how my own body image might impact my boys’ view and treatment of women. (more…)