Save Money By Making It Yourself

Pin now to save for later! Money saving, healthy recipes for snacks, soap, bread and more @ blog.jaxinthebox.comAs a stay-at-home mom, I think it’s my responsibility to save our family as much money as I can — after all I’m not contributing much to my family’s income (let’s face it, my adjunct professor gig is practically a volunteer job).  But, if you know me, I’m not all that frugal. I like nice things and sometimes splurge on them. But the cash I stash via making things I used to buy helps ease my buyer’s remorse. (more…)


Big Boys Need Mommas Too

Big Boys Need Mommas Too @ blog.jaxinthebox.comI always knew this day would come; I just didn’t think it would come so soon. Gone are the days when my eldest son (who is one minute older than his twin brother) holds my hand while walking down the sidewalk or allows me to kiss him on the lips at bedtime. Now when my hand brushes against his in an invitation to grab on, he pulls away and gives me a “Really, Mom?” look. My night time kisses are greeted with a quick turn of the head so my lips bypass his and land on his cheek. He’s nine. (more…)

Teaching Pre-Kindergarten Skills: No Flashcards Required | Part 3. Handwriting

Preschool handwriting activities @ with extension activities.This is the third post in a 3-part series on early learning activities. See Part 1: Reading for three pre-reading activities and my thoughts on how to use these learning games. See Part 2: Math for two hands-on math activities great for kids ages 2-4.


Teaching Pre-Kindergarten Skills: No Flashcards Required | Part 2. Math

Hands-on preschool activities @ blog.jaxinthebox.comThis post is Part 2 of a 3-part series on fun, early learning activities you and your kiddo can do together at home. See [Part 1. Reading] for my philosophy on when and how to introduce these games and why I think it’s important (in moderation of course — just like chocolate). And Part 3: Handwriting suggests three creative ideas for early handwriting practice.

Here are two of our favorite math activities. (more…)

Teaching Pre-Kindergarten Skills: No Flashcards Required | Part 1. Reading

Hands on early reading activities @ blog.jaxinthebox.comI recently attended a school board meeting where a gentleman in the gallery stood up and proclaimed that children under the age of five are too young too learn. He believed they don’t have the attention span to sit, listen and take in “academic” information. I just about spit out my mouthful of water (I’m pregnant, so my bottle of water goes with me everywhere). What does he think, that to teach toddlers and preschoolers, we sit them in rowed desks where  they listen to lengthy lectures? (more…)