Guest Blog Post: Guys … Your Wife is Good. Really Good. by Kevin Lahner

Message from a dad on why moms are awesome @ jaxinthebox.comAdmit it guys. You all have done that thing where you roll your eyes when the latest story comes across your Twitter feed featuring the salary a stay-at-home mom would make were she actually paid for her work. You probably sigh and subtly shake your head when the local morning show discusses the stressful world of the granola making, home-schooling, mini-van driving, wine sipping mom crowd. “It can’t be that hard,” you quietly say to yourself (lest your wife can hear it) as you tighten up your tie and slip casually out the door to the office while your two-year old throws himself on the floor screaming over a lost Thomas the Train and your other two sons yell at each other over who has to take the last dish out of the dishwasher.  (more…)


Easter | Spring Sensory Bins in a DIY Sand & Water Table

Easter/Spring sensory bins in a DIY sand/water table @ I think spring has finally sprung. Not only is Easter around the corner, but the snow has melted here in Southern Wisconsin and green blades of grass are trying to muscle their way through the hay-like mat of sod in my backyard. My head is swimming with visions of fun outdoor summer activities. While it’s still too cold to put our DIY sand & water table to use, I’ve prepped some sweet Easter and spring-themed sensory bins (more…)

We were on TV talking about how to save money on family vacations!

I really enjoy the folks at Fox6 Real Milwaukee and am always excited to return and share family-friendly tips and tricks. Just in time for spring break and summer vacation, last week I shared my strategies for vacationing on a shoestring budget. If you missed that blog post, you can find all the details here: Vacation on a Shoestring: Part 2.

Click the picture below to view the video of the television segment (or just click here: Fox6 segment). Enjoy!

Jessica Lahner, Ph.D. from talks about strategies for saving money (and staying sane!) on your next family vacation.

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