Ouch … I’m a Hypocrite


How my son taught me that actions speak louder than words @ jaxinthebox.com

I consider myself fairly self-aware. I consider myself an accepting person, who is slow to judge and celebrates others who are different than me. The folks I judge the most are those that judge others — which I’m actively working to get a handle on. Posts in my Facebook feed that accuse poor people or welfare recipients of being lazy, looking for government handouts and otherwise proclaiming that people with less are less than, make me want to scream. But, the other day my 9-year old called me out on my own prejudice.  (more…)


Babysitter to the Rescure, Part 2: Separation Anxiety

Practical tips for dealing with normal separation anxiety @ jaxinthebox.comSo you need to get away. You need some adult time, girlfriend time, a date night with your spouse — anything that doesn’t involve changing diapers, mediating sibling arguments or buckling kids into car seats. But the thought of Little Jonny pining for you with outstretched arms and big tears streaming down his face is simply too much to handle. So you never go.

I’ve so been there. There were months (more…)