Review: 4moms Breeze

4moms is an amazingly innovative company serving the needs of both parents and babies. I’ve used three of their six products to date, and I’m smitten with all of them. (If you missed it, I’ve already sung their praises in my review of their Infant Tub.)

So, when I was given the opportunity to review the Breeze, 4mom’s version of a playard, I was excited. And I’m. In. Love.

What’s Unique About It?

Okay. Listen to this: You can set up this portable playard with one hand and in one step. I’m not kidding. I set this puppy up one-handed while holding Baby B with the other. Once I took it out of the travel bag, it literally took 5 seconds to assemble.

How It Works

Simply slide the Breeze out of the travel bag, unhook the Velcro straps of the mattress wrapped around the playard, and set the Breeze upright (vertical). When you are ready to make the magic, simply press down on the 4moms square in the center of the playard and, vuala, you’ve assembled the Breeze! To see this in action, click the pic below. This is a segment on my local Fox News morning show where I demo’d this amazing product.

Review of 4moms Breeze @

Click this pic to see the Breeze in action!

4moms Breeze review @

See the blue strap on top? Just press down on the square it’s secured to and … you have an assembled playard! Ready to put it away? Just pull up on the strap and it disassembles just as easily.


The Breeze assembled with the Infant Bassinet.

Included Accessories

Mattress: The mattress is sturdy and cozy.

Infant Bassinet with Mattress: The infant bassinet installs by simply sliding large clips around the top edge of the playard. Then place the infant mattress on the bassinett floor. Once installed, it is very sturdy. (This, coming from a mom who refuses to use the infant bassinet in my Graco Pack-n-Play because it seems flimsy and unstable.)

4moms Breeze review @

The Infant Bassinet is sturdy and generously sized.

4moms Breeze review @

Baby B was content to hang out in the Breeze!

Changing Pad: The Breeze comes with a generously sized changing pad. Use it with the playard, or throw it in your minivan so you’re prepared in a pinch.

Travel Bag: Wrap the large mattress around the playard, then slide it into the travel bag. The infant bassinet and mattress slides snuggly between the playard legs. Then zip up the bag, and you’re ready to go.

The Pros

Seriously, the fact that it 1) assembles and disassembles in, well, a Breeze, is enough! But there is even more to love:

2) The playard is larger than many other brands. This gives your growing toddler plenty of sleeping and play space.

4moms Breeze review @

2.5 year-old Jax has plenty of room to sleep and play.

3) Did I mention it is super sturdy?

4) It eliminates the frustration of ensuring the sides “click” open, or trying to pinch the sides to release when disassembling it.

5) Both the playard itself and the infant bassinet are constructed with mesh sides. This enables you to see your child inside the Breeze from any angle, and allows children to breathe freely when sleeping even if they manage to wedge themselves against the sides.

The Cons

1) The weight. It’s heavier than my Graco. In my book, that is a small price to pay for the convenience of setting it up and taking it down.

2) The price. At $299, it’s a bit pricey. While the innovative design justifies the price tag, it’s a bit more than some parents will want to spend. But keep in mind that this is a product you will use from birth through at least 3 years-old. It serves as a safe place for your child to sleep when traveling, and a safe play space when in a non-baby proofed environment.  The Breeze is a great choice as a shower gift or anyone wanting to gift the parents something the new mom or dad might not buy on their own.

Overall, I love, love, love the Breeze. It might just be my new favorite infant/toddler product on the market.

*4moms provided the Breeze for review, but the opinions expressed here are my own.


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