Staying Married With Children

Let’s face it, having kids changes things, including our relationship with our spouse. I sat down with the hosts of Fox6 Real Milwaukee this morning to talk about the keys to a thriving marriage while raising kids

These research-backed strategies are based on the work of renowned psychologist John Gottman and his colleagues. But be warned, they sound deceptively easy. Putting them into practice takes effort. Old habits die hard, but the work is well worth it.

When we decided to have kids, we laid to rest the YOU + ME of our relationship and replaced it with WE: Our Family Unit. And the whole of our family is simply greater than the sum of its parts. While we shepherd our kids into realizing their best selves, we have to put aside the score keeping and co-lead these little cherubs as a unified front. Nurturing our marital relationship by making habits of the “3 Keys” I discuss during the segment will help you do just that.

Click on the picture to view the segment.

3 Keys to Preserving Your Marriage While Raising Kids

3 Keys to Preserving Your Marriage While Raising Kids

What are your secrets to a happy marriage while raising kids? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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