Why I Blog

I’m always humbled by new followers, and I’ve had several new folks follow the blog over the past few weeks. As such, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself and share with you why I blog (while reminding myself at the same time!).

Why I Blog @ Jax in the Box

Me and my gang.

I’m a 40-year-old mom to four kids: 10-year old twin boys, 3-year old Jax, and a 7-month old baby girl. (You can read a bit more about me here.) I’ve been married to my best friend for 16 years. We’ve lived in three states over the course of our marriage, and currently call Wisconsin home. Just over a decade ago I earned my Ph.D. in psychology after earning my M.S. and Bachelor’s degree in the same subject. I’ve published articles in respected journals, co-authored a book chapter, counseled adults, kids and couples, given countless talks, and I currently teach at a local liberal arts college. But none of these professional experiences hold a candle to the challenges and joys that come from raising my kids.

And that’s why I blog. This parenting thing is hard. (You can read about some of my personal struggles here.) And I find that it’s often lonely. Even when surrounded by little kids, other moms at Target or families at church, I’ve found parenting to be the single most isolating experience to date. While I teach and hold various other jobs/volunteer roles, I stay at home with my children during the day. I can go days without having a meaningful conversation with another adult between the hours of 8AM and 6PM. And I find the mommy wars exhausting. We parents are such harsh judges of each other.

I blog because perhaps my experiences parallel yours. Maybe I have something to share that resonates with you that makes you feel less lonely, accepted or simply validated in this parent role. I blog because nobody has this parenting gig figured out — not even someone with a Ph.D. in psychology who the local TV station has labeled as a child development expert (see my latest segments here and here). And maybe my being vulnerable by sharing will make it easier for you to reach out for support, or just help you feel normal. I blog because parenting is the hardest job on earth, and I believe we do it better when we do it together. Sharing my joys, fails and everything in between is my way of joining with you on our parenting journey.

My blog isn’t monetized (I don’t make money off of it) and it’s not fancy. Someday maybe I’ll hire someone to make it sparkle and earn a little on the side. But I don’t enjoy learning about technology. Quite frankly I do so many things in the day-to-day I don’t enjoy, and I’m not willing to take the few moments I have to myself each week to learn about HMTL, viral sharing and other things that turn a blog into a business.

So share my posts if you feel inclined. Comment here or on Facebook if something I’ve said resonates with you. I write about what matters to me, because I’ve learned that those things often matter to you too. But liking, sharing and commenting are simply tangible ways of giving me a high five and saying, “I hear ya, Momma.”

Thanks for reading. I’m truly honored to have you join me in this space. Parenting is hard but also one of the greatest joys. Together we can do this thing.


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