Why I Blog @ Jax in the Box

I’m Jessica Lahner. As a mom to four incredible kids:11-year old twins, Chase and Noah, 4-year old Jax, and 1 year-old Britton, like you, I know the challenges and joys of raising kids. I blog about life with my family … the good, the bad and the ugly. I just think that this motherhood thing is best experienced together.

Having a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, I apply what I know about child development to my choices and interactions with my children. Along the years, I’ve come up with some pretty useful tips and techniques (and developmentally appropriate to boot!) that have helped me raise some great kids and keep us all sane in the process. While my twins have been gracious enough to let me test out some of my crazy ideas, my younger children are giving me the opportunity to tweak and update my techniques (not to mention challenge some of my beliefs about what works).

This blog is more personal than professional (although I sprinkle in the latter often). When wearing my professional hat, I’m a professor at a local university and share child-development information on regular segments on a local (award winning, I might add!) television program. I am passionate about teaching – both in the classroom and at home. And I love college students – what a blessing to be invited to impact their lives during this very important time in their life journey.

On this blog, I share some of what works for me and my family. I write sporadically as time and energy allow. There are amazing child development websites and blogs out there, and my intention here is not to add to that field. It’s instead a place for me to share my struggles, my victories and everything in between. Even child development “experts” feel like we are raising kids in the dark sometimes! As a mom, I value the input of other moms – those who have been there and done that, and moms who are simply traveling on this journey with me. So, I’ll share the products I love and why I love them, techniques I’ve come up with to organize the space in our house in a way that fits the adults’ and the kids’ needs, and my thoughts on different child rearing challenges we face. I’m excited to give you a window into our world and am especially looking forward to hearing about what works for you and your family.

Enjoy. And if you also blog, leave a link in the comments. I’d love to follow you too.



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