Review: 4moms Breeze

4moms is an amazingly innovative company serving the needs of both parents and babies. I’ve used three of their six products to date, and I’m smitten with all of them. (If you missed it, I’ve already sung their praises in my review of their Infant Tub.)

So, when I was given the opportunity to review the Breeze, 4mom’s version of a playard, I was excited. And I’m. In. Love. (more…)


Review: 4moms Infant Tub

4moms is one of my favorite baby product companies. They are innovative and are truly tuned in to the needs of both parents and babies.

Both Baby B (my month-old baby girl) and I love the rockaRoo, which was gifted to us by a group of my girlfriends. It’s 4moms’ take on a 5-speed baby swing with a smaller footprint, squishy comfort for baby, the perfect recline position for reflux sufferers, and an MP3 hookup for your little cherub’s favorite lullabies.

So, when I was given the opportunity to review 4moms’ Infant Tub, I was excited. And, like my rockaRoo, I love it. (more…)

Babysitter to the Rescue

Babysitter 411 @ jaxinthebox.comSometimes I just need to get outta Dodge. It could be the lack of wine talking (being pregnant and all) but some days these walls just seem to be closing in on me. For which the best remedy is to hire a sitter and drive around town in my minivan sans kids. Okay, I try to do something a bit more spicy, but some days I’d settle for crusin’ solo in my Odyssey. (more…)

See What We’ve Been Saying on TV!

I’ve neglected to share with you all of my recent TV appearances! I love the folks at Fox6 Real Milwaukee and always have a great time when on the show. Over the past several months, I’ve talked about winter car seat safety, cloth diapering, and buying used toys as gifts. So give the segments a listen and tell me what you think! (I seriously get SO nervous before each one and make my husband practice with me over and over the night before. He’s so patient!) (more…)

Keeping Kids Safe in Cold Weather: Winter Car Seat Safety

coverLike most parents, come cold-weather season, you’re focused on keeping your kiddos warm and toasty in the elements. Puffy warm coats are a staple if, like us, you live in a cold-weather winter climate. But, did you know that those same coats can render car seats unsafe, even ineffective? So, how do we keep our kids warm and safe in the car during the winter months? We’ve road tested some methods that will keep your kiddos toasty without compromising the effectiveness of your infant, convertible or booster seat. (more…)