Life’s Not Fair and Other Lessons Via Laundry

Laundry lessons

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Life’s not fair — a lesson we learn early and one that’s been on the syllabus at our house for the past several months. My 10-year old twins’ opportunities to internalize this hard-knock fact abound. (more…)


Calming the Mealtime Madness (and an amazing giveaway!)

I spent time at the Fox6 Real Milwaukee studio this week talking about mealtime with kids. I know. Visions of messy faces, peas on the floor and tantrums over the meal you made all come to mind! But dinner time doesn’t have to be stressful. Watch the segment for my favorite product picks to help calm the chaos and encourage kids’ independence at the table all at the same time.

And, of course, I’m giving away everything I demonstrated! Stokke, 100 Day of Real Food, Bumkins, ezpz, SiliKids, KiddoBLOOM and Duralex all offered products that are up for grabs. So watch the segment, then enter the giveaway. (You can enter everyday through March 22!)

And Bumkins is offering a FREE silicone placement on orders of $25 or more at with the coupon code “Fox6”! Thanks Bumkins 🙂

Mealtime Madness giveaway

Click the pic to see all the giveaway products in action.

Enter to win all of these great products and more! Mealtime Madness Giveaway

Review: Baby Jack & Co. Lovies

Blankie, lovie, tee tee (as my older sons called theirs), the soft, cuddly blankets to which small children become emotionally attached go by many names. They provide a sense of security when parents are away, keep monsters out of bedrooms at night, and are a natural and important part of childhood. (more…)

Babysitter to the Rescure, Part 2: Separation Anxiety

Practical tips for dealing with normal separation anxiety @ jaxinthebox.comSo you need to get away. You need some adult time, girlfriend time, a date night with your spouse — anything that doesn’t involve changing diapers, mediating sibling arguments or buckling kids into car seats. But the thought of Little Jonny pining for you with outstretched arms and big tears streaming down his face is simply too much to handle. So you never go.

I’ve so been there. There were months (more…)

See what fun, DYI activities I demonstrated on TV that you can do at home!

A few weeks back, I published a series of posts on preparing your child for kindergarten. In WI, like in many other states, the educational standards are being raised. This means our kids are expected to know more than just how to tie a shoe and stand in line when they enter the doors of their 5-year-old kindergarten class.

One of my favorite things (more…)