Easter | Spring Sensory Bins in a DIY Sand & Water Table

Easter/Spring sensory bins in a DIY sand/water table @ jaxinthebox.com I think spring has finally sprung. Not only is Easter around the corner, but the snow has melted here in Southern Wisconsin and green blades of grass are trying to muscle their way through the hay-like mat of sod in my backyard. My head is swimming with visions of fun outdoor summer activities. While it’s still too cold to put our DIY sand & water table to use, I’ve prepped some sweet Easter and spring-themed sensory bins (more…)


Save Money By Making It Yourself

Pin now to save for later! Money saving, healthy recipes for snacks, soap, bread and more @ blog.jaxinthebox.comAs a stay-at-home mom, I think it’s my responsibility to save our family as much money as I can — after all I’m not contributing much to my family’s income (let’s face it, my adjunct professor gig is practically a volunteer job).  But, if you know me, I’m not all that frugal. I like nice things and sometimes splurge on them. But the cash I stash via making things I used to buy helps ease my buyer’s remorse. (more…)

Teaching Pre-Kindergarten Skills: No Flashcards Required | Part 3. Handwriting

Preschool handwriting activities @ blog.jaxinthebox.com with extension activities.This is the third post in a 3-part series on early learning activities. See Part 1: Reading for three pre-reading activities and my thoughts on how to use these learning games. See Part 2: Math for two hands-on math activities great for kids ages 2-4.


Rainbow Rice: Make colored rice without stinky alcohol.

Rainbow Rice without rubbing alcohol. blog.jaxinthebox.comRice is a great addition to sensory play. White rice is fun, but colored rice is definitely better!

I’ve been wanting to color our rice for a long time, but wasn’t sure I could stomach the stinky rubbing alcohol smell most recipes require. So when I saw that Jackie of Happy Hooligans (you know I love her!) had tried an alcohol-free method, I had to try it.

I used her recipe, but I’ll share some best practices I discovered while spicing up my rice. (more…)

Pinterest to Real Life: Bring the Snow Inside!

Snnow cover photoHere in Wisconsin, this winter’s been bitter cold. The older I get, the wimpier I get. Bundling up myself and a toddler in sub 10ºF just isn’t my idea of a good time — not to mention the fact that several days have been dangerously cold (like -40ºF with the windchill — no kidding!) (more…)