Curb the Summer Boredom

I joined the hosts of Fox6’s Real Milwaukee this morning to talk about adding a bit of flexible structure to the lazy days of summer. The producers have not linked to the resources I mentioned yet, so I wanted to publish a quick post to so you have what you need at your fingertips!

Click here to view the segment.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 11.11.50

Here are the links that will help you get started creating your own summer sanity saver (aka: Summer Binder):


Why You Shouldn’t Care Where I Nurse My Baby

Thanks, MKE, for supporting traveling mommas.

Thanks, MKE, for supporting traveling mommas.

Lots of things shocked me as a new mom — like how incompetent I’d feel, what sleep deprivation really feels like, or how much my heart would ache with joy and fear simultaneously when gazing at my babes. But nothing surprised me more than (more…)

Momma, You Can Do This.

I was going to title this post, “Someday you’ll look back and long for these days, and other bull&%$.” But, swearing’s not really my thing.

The long view — enjoy every minute of this because it goes by fast — just doesn’t work for me when I’m in the middle of chaos as a mom of four. And I’ve definitely been in the middle of it this week. You see, my husband and 9-year old twins are gone on a 6-day canoe trip, leaving me flying solo with 2-year old Jax and 7-week old Baby B.

Deep breath. I’m the mom, I can do this. (more…)

Guest Blog Post: Guys … Your Wife is Good. Really Good. by Kevin Lahner

Message from a dad on why moms are awesome @ jaxinthebox.comAdmit it guys. You all have done that thing where you roll your eyes when the latest story comes across your Twitter feed featuring the salary a stay-at-home mom would make were she actually paid for her work. You probably sigh and subtly shake your head when the local morning show discusses the stressful world of the granola making, home-schooling, mini-van driving, wine sipping mom crowd. “It can’t be that hard,” you quietly say to yourself (lest your wife can hear it) as you tighten up your tie and slip casually out the door to the office while your two-year old throws himself on the floor screaming over a lost Thomas the Train and your other two sons yell at each other over who has to take the last dish out of the dishwasher.  (more…)

Why I gave up money for Lent (and what I’m learning in the process)

Why I gave up money for Lent @ jaxinthebox.comI don’t generally do anything special for Lent. Growing up in Wisconsin, I always thought of Lent as something Catholics “did.” I enjoy the Friday fish fry tradition (that takes place all year round in Wisconsin, by the way), but always thought of giving something up as just another one of those Catholic rituals.

But every so often, I challenge myself with “giving something up.” And this year is one of those years. In the past (more…)